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Mica Band Heater

• Injection Molding Machines
• Plastic Extruders
• Blow-Molding Machines
• Medical Laboratory Tests
• Cylinders, Drums, Pipes & Holding Tank Heating

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Mica Strip Heater

• Injection Molding Machines
• Plastic Extruders
• Blow-Molding Machines
• Medical Laboratory Tests
• Packaging Industries
• Cylinders, Drums, Pipes & Holding Tank Heating

Mica Strip Heater
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Ceramic Band Heaters

• Built-in Thermal Insulation
• 1500 ⁰F Operating Temperatures
• Energy Efficient
• Long Life Heater
• Uniform Heat
• Build according to custom specifications
• Flexible for easy installation

Ceramic Band Heaters
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Cartridge Heaters

• Swaged Cartridge Heaters
• Exceptional Heat Transfer Characteristics
• Welded end disc prevents contaminations
• Efficient Heat Transfer
• Optional Built-in Thermocouple
• Maximum 1400 ⁰F Operating Temperatures
• Various lead options

Cartridge Heaters
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Tubular Heater

• Swaged for good Electrical Insulation
• Uniform Thermal Heat
• Water Proof
• Low Maintenance
• Copper or Stainless Steel Terminals

Tubular Heater
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Thermocouple Accessories

Grounded: With Single or dual element, this type provides
fast response with protection from the process.
Un-Grounded: Improved protection from interference that
may be picked up by the sheath. Response time may be slower.
Grounded: Very fast response time. Not suitable for many
processes because of corrosion

Cartridge Heaters
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Open Coil Heaters

• Can be used for quick heating and cooling
• Standard sizes available with various cross sections
• Various watt Density option available
• Design for evenly distributed heat
• Precision fit on Hot Runner Nozzle
• Highly Non-corrosive
• Accuracy fit on hot runner spouts

Open Coil Heaters
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Immersion Heaters

• Swaged for good Electrical Insulation
• High – Temperature Applications
• Brazed or Welded end construction
• Compact Design
• Rugged construction
• Long Life Metal Sheath
• Provide wiring box for electrical connection
• Multiple elements in one screw plug heater
• High, Medium or Low watt density for various processes

Immersion Heaters
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Silicon Rubber Heaters

• Designed in the exact shape and size
• Standard designs are available in stock
• Moisture, Chemicals and Acid Resistant Silicon

Silicon Rubber Heater
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High Temperature Accessories

• Ring Terminals
• Fork Terminals
• Butt Connectors
• Quick Connect (Female)
• Quick Connect (Male)
• Ceramic Twist Connectors
• Fiberglass Tape
• Ceramic Terminal Covers

High Temperature Accessories
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High Temperature Wires

• Single Conductor
• Nickel Clad Copper Conductor (27% Nickel)
• Mica Insulation
• High Temperature Fiberglass Braid
• 450 ⁰C / 850 ⁰F Temperature Rating
• 600 V Voltage Rating
• Stranded

High Temperature Wires
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Hot Runner Mold Cables

• High-Performance Heating
• Durable and Reliable
• Easy Installation and Maintenance
• Versatile Compatibility

High Temperature Accessories
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Heaters and sensors are fundamental elements in modern technology. Heaters convert electricity to heat energy, and sensors detect and react to environmental changes. They are vital for numerous industries, monitoring temperature and pressure and ensuring seamless manufacturing processes. Proper design and application of heaters and sensors are vital for reliability and efficiency, with innovation in these fields leading to advancements across various industries.

Heaters And Sensors Inc.

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Heater & Sensors

We specialize in providing heaters and sensors for various industries and applications. Our products are designed to ensure optimal performance and reliability, meeting the needs of our customers.


We offer a range of thermocouples for various temperature measurement applications. Our thermocouples are designed to provide accurate and reliable results, ensuring the smooth functioning of your processes.


We provide high-quality transducers for measuring various physical quantities such as force, pressure, and displacement. Our transducers are designed to provide accurate and precise results, ensuring the efficient operation of your systems.

Ultralead Wires

We offer a range of ULTRALEAD wires for precise temperature measurement in various applications. Our ULTRALEAD wires are known for their accuracy, durability, and reliability, ensuring optimal performance of your systems.

Our Products

Our company offers a wide range of high-quality heater and sensor products for various industrial and commercial applications, including mica band heaters, cartridge heaters, immersion heaters, thermocouples, and RTDs (resistance temperature detectors)

Heaters, Sensors, and More: Discover Our Range of Innovative Technology Solutions

From precision temperature control to environmental monitoring, we’ve got the heat and sense game on lock!


Heater & Sensors

Heater & sensors are devices that detect changes in temperature or pressure and control the operation of a heating element accordingly.



A thermocouple is a type of sensor that measures temperature by detecting changes in electrical voltage across two different metals.



A transducer is a device that converts one type of energy into another, such as electrical signals into mechanical motion or pressure into electrical signals.


Ultralead Wires

Ultralead wires are high-performance wiring solutions that offer low resistance, high flexibility, and resistance to extreme temperatures and environments.

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We offer technical support to help their clients install and maintain their heating and sensor systems.

Conduct Research and Development

We collaborate with industry partners to develop new materials, manufacturing techniques, and sensing technologies that can improve the performance and efficiency.

Offer Customized Solutions

We offer a range of different heating and sensing options, from thermocouples to pressure sensors, to ensure that their clients have access to the right tools for our applications.

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