Thermocouple Accessories

  • Can be used for quick heating and cooling
  • Standard sizes available with various cross sections
  • Various watt Density option available
  • Design for evenly distributed heat
  • Precision fit on Hot Runner Nozzle
  • Highly Non-corrosive
  • Accuracy fit on hot runner spouts
Thermocouple Accessories


A Thermocouple is an electric device consisting of two different conductors forming electrical junctions at
a different temperatures. A Thermocouple produces a temperature-dependant voltage as a result of
thermoelectric effect, and this voltage can be interpreted to measure temperature.
Commercial thermocouples are inexpensive, interchangeable, are supplied with standard connectors, and
can measure a wide range of temperatures. In contrast to most other methods of temperature
measurement, thermocouples are self-powered and require no external form of excitation.
Thermocouples are widely used in science and industry; application include temperature measurement
of kilns, gas turbine exhaust, diesel engines, and other industrial processes

Junction Styles

  • Grounded: With Single or dual element, this type provides
    fast response with protection from the process
  • Un-Grounded: Improved protection from interference that
    may be picked up by the sheath. Response time may be slower.
  • Grounded: Very fast response time. Not suitable for many
    processes because of corrosion
Junction style
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