Mica Band Heaters

  • Efficient, Reliable and Economical Solution Maximum 900 ⁰F
  • Operating Temperatures
  • Build according to custom specifications
  • Holes and cut-outs are available
  • Broad range of Clamping and Terminal Types
Mica Band Heaters


Looking for a reliable Mica Band Heater manufacturer in Canada with fast same-day delivery? Look no further! Our high-quality Mica Band Heaters are perfect for various industrial applications, providing efficient heating solutions. Order now to experience our trusted products and benefit from our convenient same-day delivery service. Stay ahead of your heating needs with our top-notch Mica Band Heaters – the ideal choice for your industrial requirements.

We provide special mica band heaters capable of 900 ⁰F Operating Temperatures which is required temperatures in many plastic, packaging, INJECTION MOLDING MACHINES and medical laboratories. The construction normally involves a high temperature mica sheet uniformly wound with Nickel-chrome resistance wire housed in aluminized steel sheath for maximum heat transfer. Clamping and terminals have various option.

Our mica band heaters are meticulously designed to meet the demands of a wide range of heating applications. They consist of a robust outer sheath made of stainless steel or other suitable materials for excellent durability and protection. The inner layers comprise specially selected mica sheets, carefully assembled to ensure optimum heat transfer and uniform temperature distribution. Precision-wound resistance wire is embedded within the mica layers, guaranteeing efficient heat generation.

As a prominent manufacturer of mica band heaters, we offer cutting-edge solutions that provide efficient and reliable heating for diverse industrial applications. Our commitment to quality, performance, and customization options ensures that our customers receive tailored heating solutions that meet their specific requirements. With rapid heat-up, uniform heating, high temperature stability, and energy efficiency, our mica band heaters are the go-to choice for industries seeking effective and dependable heating solutions. Trust us to deliver exceptional performance and reliability for all your heating needs. 


  • Injection Molding Machines
  • Plastic Extruders
  • Blow-Molding Machines
  • Medical Laboratory Tests
  • Cylinders, Drums, Pipes & Holding Tank Heating
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